Sugar Skull Dangler

Sugar Skull Dangler 1


Halloween is finally upon us, which means the holiday season (and probably everyone’s favorite time of the year) has begun! We have put together a fun project using Swarovski’s metallic skull bead. We used Gold wiring and pins but feel free to use any color you like. Below you will find the materials you need and a brief description on how to make this funky set of sugar skull earrings. All of the materials can be found on our website or in store. We look forward to seeing all of your creations...Happy beading! 


Sugar Skull Dangler 3




(2 yards) Black chain link

(8) Eye pins

(2) Metallic Sunshine Swarovski Skull Bead

(6) 4 mm Swarovski Xilion Beads

(8) Head pins

(2) French Ear wires

(4) 10mm Acrylic Roses

(4) 12mm Acrylic Roses

(2) Spikes

(1) Bent nose pliers

(1) Round nose pliers


1-  Cut 6 inches of the black chain link
2-  Each earring uses 4 eye pins and 3 xilion bead. Loop one xilion bead on the first eye pin, then cut and loop again. On the second eye pin, place 1 xilion bead, cut and loop. On the third eye pin, place the skull bead, cut and loop. FInally, on the last eye pin, place another xilion bead, cut and loop it.
3-  Taking 4 head pins, cut and loop one acrylic rose onto each pin. Each earring uses 4 acrylic roses (two 10 mm and two 12 mm)
4-  Connect one of the xilion beads that you cut and looped earlier onto the french ear wire
5-  On the other side of the xilion bead you just connected to the french ear wire, attach it to the first bar of the black chain link you cut earlier.
6-  Counting 13 chain links under the first bar, connect another xilion bead and on the other side of the bead connect the second bar.
7-  Counting 11 chain links under the second bar, attach the two 10mm acrylic roses
8-  On the 12th chain link  attach the two 12mm acrylic roses
9-  On the 13th chain link attach the skull bead
10- Under the skull add 10 chain links and then attach the final xilion bead, followed by one spike bead.


Sugar Skull Dangler 2